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Australians, stop cooking our country with your sausage sizzle!

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I’m sure you will agree, that most people, including yourself, are biophilic and don’t want to live in a dried up, lifeless wasteland, am I right? I know I don’t want to. So tell me then, why do you eat in a way that creates this hell on earth? When all you have to do is to buy the tofurkey at the grocery store instead of the turkey. Or nut milk instead of cow milk. Or plant-based burgers instead of meat-based? Or load up on rice, pasta, potatoes, bananas and beans. Some of the cheapest foods on the planet. Because as of now, 60% of Australia's entire land area is used to graze animals because you fear an imaginary protein deficiency. Or because you don’t like the taste of tofu or soy milk. The United Nations is telling us, we gotta change, meat consumption must decrease by as much as 90% in order for us to avoid the most catastrophic effects of climate change. Yes, we are heading for doom because you still want to eat like a barbarian. Look, I’m giving you a prior heads up. Veganism isn’t some fad diet. It’s a revolutionary act. Veganism is the future. Don't be a lazy laggard, be part of it.
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