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Does a TINY CAR really cramp your legs?

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Have you ever gone on vacation and were forced to rent the smallest car that ever came off a production line? Your instinct is to say that this will be incredibly uncomfortable and perhaps even cramp your legs. But is this true? Does driving in a tiny compact car actually impair your mobility? Well today we’re going to set up a test to find out! The first thing we’re going to do is introduce you to our line up. These vehicles will represent a variety of compact cars.

Here are the cars we’re using and the manufacturer’s claims of interior volume
Toyota Yaris - 85.9 cubic feet
Kia Rio - 89.9 cubic feet
Chevrolet Bolt EV - 95 cubic feet

These manufacturers have one claim of the size of the interior but is it fair to say that a large overhead space would make your legs less cramped? So to get a better understanding of how much room our legs would actually have in these cars we’re going to take some information to draw up a rating on what we're calling the cramp-o-meter. This will be a combination of the following three metrics:

Angle of the leg at the knee - measured on the non-acute side so that larger numbers mean more cramping
How many points of contact the driver has with the dash area. This will be done with UV tracking powder.
Angle of hip to lower back. If the car is really small we would assume the subject would put the seat back some. The more the seat goes back, the more we assume they are “cramped”

All these numbers are added up to give us our score on the Cramp-o-meter. And just to be sorta fair, we’re going to measure all of these in a position where our driver is as close to the wheel as possible and can still technically drive, because we figure in a real setting you might have to travel with luggage in the back. Now to actually test how much these cramped cars would affect mobility in the real world we’re going to set up a test. We’re going to have our subject drive each car on our standardized concourse for 15 minutes. This will serve as our control. From here we will ask them to immediately come out of the vehicle and dunk a basketball, of which was confirmed they could do before this test

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