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[Dubstep] Danny Darko&Dionne Lightwood - Visible (Official Video) Edit

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[Female Vocal Dubstep] Danny Darko&Dionne Lightwood - Visible (Dubstep Video Edit)

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Video Credits:
Directed by: Mike Baluk
D.O.P : Sblissa
Fashion Stylist: Cristina Perrone
Produced by: Atlantis Media Entertainment (http://www.atlantism.net)

Genre: Chillstep, Liquid Dubstep, Liquid D'n'b
Female Vocal Dubstep

LYRICS (written by Charly Manlove)

You fly like a bird
Let me be the next in your nest
Holding you close
To hear your heart speak through your chest
You gave her words that I would never hear
From your lips
It may seem like hello isn't much
It's my wish
I'm moving closer to your love
But you're far away
Bolder than everfor your love
But you're far away

What's it going to take to make me  visible?
In a perfect world I'd be worth  searching for
What's it going to take to make me  visible?
Because for so long I've felt  invisible
Spare me a smile
And I'll never ask you again
I'm still alive
But you look through me like I'm dead
I'm on the sidelines
Watching as you give love away
Walked right by
Tell me, how can I get you to stay?
I'm moving closer to your love
But you're far away
Bolder than ever for your love
But you're far away

Don't know why Iwaited her so long
Running out of reasons to hold on
But I keep running
Chasing you like the wind
If I blocked your way
baby can you feel my pain?

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