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Girl on a Bicycle - Trailer

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Every day, bus driver Paolo (Vincenzo Amato) drives tourists through Paris and fervently explains to them his own point of view - that Paris is nothing more than a second-class Rome! His true passion is his girlfriend and great love Greta (Nora Tschirner), a German flight attendant he is finally ready to propose to today. But as it happens, the very next day, he meets the enchanting Frenchwoman Cécile (Louise Monot). The young single mother of two just barely gets by as an advertising model and is always rushing from one appointment to the other on her bicycle. At a red light, her glance briefly meets that of the tourist bus driver - and she smiles at him. From that moment on, Paolo can't think straight anymore. He's in love with Greta, but this unknown beauty has turned him on his head. His best friend Derek (Paddy Considine), a smart Brit with a penchant for womanizing, gives him a disastrous piece of advice - the only way to forget this woman is to meet her - because reality is never as wonderful as the fantasy image. But his attempt to talk to Cécile goes wrong - when he hits the girl on a bicycle with his bus. Plagued by a guilty conscience, Paolo decides to take care of Cécile and her little family, of course without telling Greta about it. A small lie that turns his life completely upside down!
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