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I moved from the City 3 years ago to the Off Grid Jungle (life update)

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If someone told me, say 5 years ago, that in 2019 I would be living off grid in the jungle with a man from Sweden, I would’ve laughed out loud! I wouldn’t have believed it. But you know what? It actually happened. We started off grid in Ecuador then moved to Australia, and now 3 and a half years later we are living our dream. I’m not going to sugar coat this though, the off grid lifestyle can be really tough and in the past I’ve been close to quitting a number of times. Monsoonal rains, cyclone winds, the isolation, insects, living disagreements, unreliable internet. There are undeniable challenges to the Off Grid Lifestyle. So you are probably thinking - why the heck are you living like that? Well there are many reasons. I lived in the city for 20 years and I know most of you do too. City-life is pushed as the most desirable lifestyle and as a result more than half the world's population now lives in cities or towns. Sure, it’s fast paced, exciting, stimulating, and convenient for some things, however, it comes at a price. This high-stress environment is also a place of a place of immense spiritual burnout. The instant gratification lifestyle leaves us highly vulnerable and with an unhealthy dependency on an unstable system..
The expansion of Urbanization is also obliterating important ecosystems. It’s turning dense forested areas rich with wildlife into dry polluted concrete jungles. Not only do I value my health and want to eat the highest quality food but I see a problem spending the rest of my life dependent on others for my food. More than 4 billion people are reliant on an unsustainable environmentally-destructive system that is heading for collapse. Cities are bursting at the seams. The food forest we are growing is an investment in our future, but not only ours, also the human species, non-human animals, and the planet. Here is my other video on why I moved to the Jungle.
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