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I react to my first YouTube Video (cringey) and Raw Till 4 Weight Gain


Danke für die Bewertung! Teile es mit Deinen Freunden!

Danke für Deine Bewertung!

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My New Channel is here!:
In the video Freelee the Banana Girl reacts to her first video on YouTube. She also discusses women gaining weight on the Raw Till 4 Diet Plan. Freelee also shows footage of herself after 2.5 years following a raw vegan lifestyle. When Freelee switched to a Raw Till 4 Diet she didn’t gain any weight, if anything she became leaner. Freelee also speaks about Stephanie Buttermore’s ALL IN approach and links to her new video on Stephanie on Freelee’s new channel.
A little more about Freelee’s weight loss journey. Freelee went raw vegan in Jan 2007 for various reasons; to lose weight, clear up skin, heal IBS, low thyroid function, CFS to name a few. In this video reaction younger Freelee is approximately 2 years into the lifestyle. Freelee explains how her weight yo yo’d in the first few years. She felt like she had found her set point weight at one stage but then gained weight again. It was frustrating but she felt so good that there was no way she was going back from eating high fruit. She shows you a video from July 2009 where she was clearly still carrying extra weight. Pretty soon after that her weight came down to the weight she is today 10 years later.
So this is great evidence of what happens to some women when they first come to the raw till 4 and raw lifestyle. They gain weight at first from their past of dieting, like the woman Freelee featured in the video gained 50lbs initially on raw till 4 but it came off after a year or so. Some, like Freelee, go up and down in the first few years as they restore their metabolism to a healthy state.
Freelee talks about it in her Raw Till 4 book and weight loss bundles: she shows many testimonials so don’t be concerned about initial weight gain in the first few years. Freelee recommends you go ‘all in’ on the meal plans within the raw till 4 book and you will eventually level out and lost the overshoot weight from your past of calorie restriction. Remember it’s not Raw Till 4’s fault or fruits fault or Freelee’s fault for your weight gain, it’s your responsibility and it’s just your body playing catch up on the calories from years of dieting. Stephanie buttermore on the other hand is going all in on everything and that doesn’t work as Freelee speaks about in the video she made on her. Go check it out here:
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