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OFF GRID SHOWER IDEA (plus full demo) + 5 benefits to outdoor showers


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Freelee shows you how she showers while living off the grid. With this easy Off Grid Shower Idea you don't need a kit or special set up, just pipes, fittings, rope and a shower head. Preferably a creek nearby or you can attach it to a rain water tank. Simple and you can set it up with an hour.
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Top 5 benefits to outdoor showers:
1. I live in the tropics and like showering outdoor raw in my jungle, it feels natural and invigorating.
2. The water is always a pleasant temperature and never dries out my skin like chemical-infuaed City water does. My skin has improved since having these outdoor showers.
3. If you live in a secluded location and can harvest rain water or creek water then your water will not be treated with chlorine, cloramination and fluoride so your skin and health will benefit.
4. You can irrigate fruit-producing trees without even trying.
5. With outdoor showering there is no water waste at all as the water soaks into the ground and nourishes surrounding plants instead of going down a pipe into a septic system or out to sea like in the city.
Lettuce know below if you have an off grid or outdoor shower or what be
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