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Mexico. The near future. The world is divided by borders, but connected by a digital network. Memo Cruz lives in the small Mexican village of Santa Ana Del Rio. Santa Ana is the kind of place that seems frozen in time - except for the hi-tech dam that controls the water supply. Memo dreams of leaving and finding work in the factories in the north. At night, Memo uses a homemade radio intercept to listen in on conversations of people who've made it to the big cities. One night, Memo comes across a signal he's never heard before - the communications of the security forces that patrol the dam, hunting 'Aqua-Terrorists.' Memo's house comes under the crosshairs and his family is ultimately devastated by a reckless remote-control drone attack. Driven by feelings of guilt and a need to earn money, Memo goes north to find work. He heads to the massive border city of Tijuana. On the way, Memo meets a young woman, an aspiring 'bio-journalist' named Luz. As Memo arrives to Tijuana, Luz connects her body to the net. As she describes her day, the computer records her memories. She puts these digital memories up for sale - a blog, straight from the brain. The next day, to Luz's surprise, someone has bought her memory file - and paid in advance for more. Luz needs to learn more about Memo, to sell more recordings to her anonymous client. And Memo has finally made it to the hi-tech factories he'd only dreamed of. But it's not what he expected. The factories are bizarre and dangerous. Workers connect their nervous systems to the net and control robots that labor on the other side of the border, in the first world. The workers toil until they collapse, earning the factories the name 'Sleep Dealers.' As Memo works, Luz works too - selling his story to her mysterious reader. When the identity of Luz's reader is revealed, a chain of events is set in motion that will connect three strangers, and change their lives - maybe even change the world - forever.

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