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A Spanish fishing village becomes American | DW Documentary

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In the mid-20th Century, Franco’s Spain was impoverished and isolated from the rest of the world. But then a fresh breeze blew through the fishing village of Rota.
In the mid-20th century, Rota was a small fishing and farming village on the Mediterranean coast of Spain’s Cadiz province. General Francisco Franco's authoritarian rule had isolated the country from the rest of the world. Then, one day, 8,000 American marines and engineers started building a huge naval base there, signaling the end of Rota’s dependence on fishing and agriculture and the emergence of a new world completely unlike the rest of the impoverished country. The Americans brought dollars, Levi jeans, Marlboro cigarettes, Harley-Davidson motorbikes, Rock 'n' Roll and the Blues, as well as missiles and many love stories.
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