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Blue Jays and Crows Love Cat Food Kibbles - Big Bird Feeding Strategies

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Big Backyard Corvids like Blue Jays and Crows and also Grackles love cat food or "kibbles and bits" either dry or moist - and as you will see my squirrels turn their nose up at it. I enjoy all Backyard Birds and the intelligence and interactivity of Jays and Crows which you can get to know personally is a joy. Many people don't like these birds because they have a tendency to dominate feeders. But to really enjoy all of Nature's creatures you need to have various feeding locations and strategies. Having a separate large platform feeder with sunflower seeds and peanuts will keep your squirrels occupied and the large birds will defer to the squirrels, having another large feeder with cat kibbles will keep your big birds occupied and take the pressure off tube and small house feeders for the smaller birds. Of course in real life it isn't always so smooth, but the animals work it out. Watch the Blue Jay chase off the crow only to be pushed out by a Grackle, but it all works out in the end and they all get their kibbles. I have a manageable number of these local living big birds year round, but on rare occasions a large winter flock of Grackles or Crows will pass through my strategy is to only put a small amount of kibble food out like a cup or so that way large numbers of migratory birds wont hang around too long.

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