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Thanks again to TiVo Stream 4K for sponsoring this video!

Shout out to
Kevin at Electro Tech Machining: https://etmgraphite.com/
Sean at Mr. Steve’s Pawn Shop: http://mrstevespawnshop.com/

FYI the gold from the pawn show was 10K gold, and we melted it with about the same weight of 24K jewelers gold (the pellets) ...as well as the gold we found from the mountain (about 24K gold)...so this piece is at least14K gold now!

Okay, so we got an opportunity to do a video with TiVo Stream 4K and the first thing I thought about was making an experiment combining elements from all my favorite shows that you can access on TiVo Stream 4K...Because that’s what TiVo Stream 4K does, puts all of your favorite shows from your favorite apps all in one place… it's incredibly efficient, and that’s why it’s awesome. So with this idea in mind, we’re going to forge a real piece of gold jewelry, using elements from all my favorite TV shows.... and the first step in the experiment is to source some real gold! The first show that I love so much is Gold Rush on Discovery Plus, so we're going to go out to the East Fork of the San Gabriel River and go gold mining! We spent the entire day out at the river and got less than about a gram of gold... The piece of jewelry we’re looking to make is about the size of a silver dollar so we're gonna need more gold. The one place you can get cheap gold fast is…. A pawn shop! We went pawn shopping because my other favorite show is Pawn Stars on the History channel. And finally in honor of one of my all-time favorites… Forged in Fire on Netflix we used an electric smelter to melt down all of the gold we’ve gathered to build a real gold piece of jewelry. We made a real (about 18K) gold TiVo piece of jewelry inspired by the fact that TiVo Stream 4K puts all my favorite shows in one place. Big shout out to TiVo Stream 4K for sponsoring this video! Also let me know in the comment section below what else we should make out of gold, if you haven’t yet, hit that subscribe button and we’ll see you soon!

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Production Team:
Writer/Producer: Nick Uhas
DP: Kaleb Seaton
Editor: Chris Rossi
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