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Freelee reviews Stephanie Buttermore eating 5000 calories a day and ALL in approach


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Freelee the banana girl reviews stephanie buttermore's ALL in approach. She watches the video called “I ate 5000 calories every day for a month (Why I did it and what happened) and she reacts with the facts. My new Women’s Weight Loss Channel is here with second Stephanie Buttermore review:
Freelee’s unlimited calorie Weight Loss Book Bundle is here:
Here are some of Stephanie's videos featured in Freelee's video.
Alice Olivia eating unlimited calories:
Freelee likes that Stephanie Buttermore promotes an ‘all in’ calorie approach. She’s never heard of any other Youtuber promoting this (besides herself) until now. As a lot of you know Freelee has been promoting the 2500 calorie figure for about a decade now and also the unlimited ‘all in’ calorie approach for years under the Raw till 4 or High Carb Vegan umbrella. Obviously where Stephanie and Freelee differ considerably of course is that Stephanie recommends eating anything at all in her approach even if it’s not really food. By the way hang around till the end of the video where Freelee gives Stephanie her 3 best tips to curb her hunger.
So who is Stephanie Buttermore? Freelee has always been intrigued with peoples ethnicity and found out Stephanie is half Thai, half Canadian which would explain that beautiful hair and smile from Thailand; the land of smiles. She is 29 years old (so 10 years younger than Freelee) and around the same height as Freelee at 5’5. She is an ovarian cancer research scientist who holds a PHD in pathology and cell biology.
So like Freelee, Stephanie has been involved in body sculpting comps, extreme dieting and the gym rat lifestyle.
Freelee is 100% supportive of honoring ones hunger cues (eating the right foods). Most of you know that. As Freelee always says it is so so important for healing. Calorie restriction for weight loss and metabolic healing DOES NOT WORK. Reverse dieting DOES NOT WORK. IT just leads you back to dieting and then you are there forever. YOU MUST BE FULLY SATISFIED EVERY MEAL for long term health and leanness.
Stephanie is clearly glucose and water depleted in the left picture featured in the video where she is undereating. On the right she started eating again and is naturally gaining glucose storage and fluid. Freelee speaks all about this in her Keto Diet debunked video which you should check out here:
So Stephanie has spoken about the hormones leptin and ghrelin in regards to her extreme hunger. Im going to try to simplify this as much as possible. Both hormones respond to how well fed you are. Leptin is a hormone involved in regulating our appetite, how much food we do actually eat and how much we weigh. Leptin basically signals to us to stop eating and glucose is obviously very important in this process. Ghrelin “the hunger hormone” on the other hand is a hormone produced in the stomach and released into the blood which helps stimulate hunger and makes us more likely to choose high calorie foods over low calorie foods. Not surprisingly at all there is science showing a high carbohydrate diet has an inhibitory effect on ghrelin levels
If you take a look at what kind of foods Stephanie was/is going ‘all in’ on (and Freelee is not talking about her 10,000 calorie challenges but even just recently) then you can easily understand why her face was sweating and puffy. High fat, high sodium animal product rich foods. It’s mostly fluid retention from toxic byproducts and excess sodium. This is why increasing potassium intake is really powerful in decreasing circulating sodium in the body because it helps your body flush the excess water weight. Hello bananas right?? 98% of Americans (and westerners) for instance are potassium deficient due to not enough plant foods, particularly fruit. This is another major reason Freelee is lean long term because Potassium is crucial to optimal function of every one of the trillions of cells in your body.
Watch the rest of the video for Freelee’s 3 best tips to help heal Stephanie Buttermore.

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