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The Keto Diet: What they don't tell you.

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It seems like everywhere we look on YouTube these days, someone is trying the Keto Diet - from beauty bloggers to gamers. Plant-based keto is even on the rise. Interest in The Ketogenic Diet is at an all-time high. There are Doctors recommending the diet to patients and media dietitians like Abbey Sharp making keto-friendly baby meals. Promoters of the keto diet promise that the more bacon, cheese, eggs, and animal fat we eat, the slimmer we get.
But how? Ketosis. That’s the ticket.
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After a morning of intermittent fasting, dieters cling to their bulletproof coffees as they plan out their low carb meals and food list for the day. Their keto-cheat sheet includes meals like low carb fried mac and cheese, keto pepperoni pizza, bacon breakfast bagels, keto buffalo chicken crust pizza. Rice, pasta, potatoes, fruit are a no-go. Carbohydrates are fattening. Butter is better.
There are many claims made by proponents of the keto diet but what does the science say? Is it healthy and safe to be in a state of ketosis? Can I do the keto diet for life? Today we will dive deep into what the keto diet is and whether it is healthy or effective for long term weight loss. Today I will share with you what the keto diet advocates don’t want you to know.
Keto Diet Weight Loss not sustained:
Increased risk of food borne illness associated with animal derived foods, salmonella in eggs. Campylobacter in chicken. Keto diet increases consumption of meat therefore higher risk.
Parasites in salmon, anisakid nematodes and also tape worm. Cooking kills them but still risky.
High intakes of red meat were associated with a higher risk of all-cause and CVD mortality, regardless of fruit and veggie intake:
There have been several reports about renal calculi developing in children on the ketogenic diet since the first report more than 30 years ago. Adults at increased risk of kidney stones due to chronic acidosis, dehydration, low urine pH, and fat malabsorption all contribute to the formation of uric acid and calcium oxalate stones
Environmental damage accelerated due to Keto Diet:
Physical fitness compromised on Keto:
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