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Turning Cereal into a REAL SWORD

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Electro Tech Machining: https://etmgraphite.com/
California Nano Technologies: https://www.calnanocorp.com/

Big thanks to Kevin at Electro Tech Machining and Cal Nano for making this video possible!

If you take fortified cereal and add water, and blend it up you get this goopy carbohydrate mess. Now if you take a strong magnet like a rare earth metal magnet and hold it next to this mixture in a bag you can actually see there is real iron in the cereal. This science demonstration is actually pretty classic so I wanted to take it one step further. I wanted to see if we could extract enough iron from cereal, to then melt it and shape it into a real miniature sword!

Bobby Duke Arts: https://www.youtube.com/user/DukeWoodcarving

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Ref: https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/healthy-diet-key-getting-iron-need-201502127710

Production Team:
Writer/Producer: Nick Uhas
DP: Kaleb Seaton
Assistant Producer: Brandon Garnsey
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