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Why I'm turning off all comments after 10 Years on Youtube...

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Yep it's true, I'm turning off the comments section (on my channel) from now on. I explain why in the video. If you were giving an important speech and people were heckling you and yelling irrational nonsense do you think those hecklers would be welcome and free to continue their vitriol? Of course not. I speak at 2:43 but I recommend you listen to the intro and outro too. Thanks to all you amazing fruitbats who have commented over the years, you know who you are and I appreciate you so much. You can also communicate to me on the live streams and sometimes I check my tumblr and instagram. Tumblr is freeleebananagirl.tumblr.com and instagram below. Now lettuce get on with it and promote this urgent message to the masses!
Science on why:
Jeff Byrd Channel:
If you want to support the stream then make sure to leave a thumbs up each time! See you soon. Commenting is only open for the live stream, sorry if you couldn't make it but I generally leave a comment on the persons video that I make it about so you will find me there.
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