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What I Do In A Day As An Offgrid Vegan (No Talking)

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This footage isn't all taken from the exact same day but it is an example of what I would do in a day Offgrid as a vegan in the jungle tropics. TIMESTAMPS below:
0:14 - I've been waking up at around 4:30 am every morning to get more done.
0:40 - check instagram (yeh bad habit lol) and then start editing videos/computer work.
0:57 - harvesting bamboo early (must be before sunrise) for construction of various things
1:47 - a few times a week i will go for a bike ride, it started to rain as i returned.
2:20 - every morning i swim in the pristine creek water
3:05 - mass hatching of butterflies
3:50 - i weave matts and bags from coconut palm off the property
4:29 - using lawyer vine as a passionfruit trellice
5:55 - compost goes straight back into the garden to feed fruit trees
6:18 - we made a composting toilet and use weed leaves to layer on top
7:07 - i make coconut bowls that we use to eat out of etc
8:06 - depending on the week i can spend hours and hours a day editing
8:37 - we see lace monitors all the time and so much wildlife
8:55 - banana flower opening to a banana bunch
9:18 - bananas from our food forest
9:29 - bare sunbaking is very important for health and so relaxing, do it daily
10:02 - recycling old tools and removing the rust with a vinegar mixture
10:11 - durian seedling died due to harsh dry conditions, replanted another one
11:10 - sweet potatoes dry fried with some salt water, salad and tahini/tamari/lime dressing.
lettuce know if you want more of these videos. btw the n*de female body is nothing to be afraid of nor is it inherently s*xual, it just is.
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