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What I do in a week as an Offgrid Vegan (no talking)

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Timestamps below :
0:30: Rehanging clothes out of rainy spot
0:59: Fridge full of bananas
1:15: Cutting mulch to put over exposed pipe, rain doesn't stop work
1:50: Outdoor office, work bench Robin made with bamboo
1:59: Collecting grass clippings for mulching veggie patch
2:35: Havesting massive coconut then opening it
3:00: Cutting a straw made out of bamboo
4:02: Harvesting a sprouted coconut
4:22: Inexperienced husking lol
5:30: Eating the delicious nutritious sprout inside coconut
5:50: Scraping out the natural coconut oil as moisturiser
6:09: Tumeric harvesting, scientfically proven to be a pain-reliever
6:45: Collecting soil for planting fruit tree seeds
7:25: Planting jackfruit seeds
7:45: Mowing simple paths around property for easy walking
7:59: Planting Yuca (tastes like potato) with Robin
8:33: Gathering fallen breadfruit so wild pigs don't eat them
8:45: Old compost heap is full
8:56: Bamboo composting cage Robin made
9:38: Harvesting jackfruit seeds and cooking them, delicious !
Offgrid selfsustainable Vegan life
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