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World Record Elephant Toothpaste w/ David Dobrik !!

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Science Bob's 2018 Attempt: https://sciencebob.com/science-bob-sets-science-world-record/
Science Bob's & Mark's Attempt 2019: https://youtu.be/Kou7ur5xt_4
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In 2018 Science Bob attempted the world record on the Ryan and Kelly show he used roughly 40 Liters of 35 percent hydrogen peroxide and sodium iodide as his catalyst. This resulted in a little over 13 cubic meters of foam… which was a lot!

Recently Mark Rober and Science Bob teamed up and did the elephant toothpaste experiment and in the video Mark said they were looking to quadruple the record previously set by Science Bob.

roughly speaking if Science Bob used 40 liters his first attempt and they quadrupled the results this would have put them at the equivalent of using 160 liters of hydrogen peroxide (the main ingredient in the reaction).

So today we’re going to use 208 liters of hydrogen peroxide just over 5 times Science Bob’s previous record.

Here’s how this reaction actually works. When we put in the catalyst potassium iodide this chemical strips the hydrogen peroxide of one of it’s oxygen molecules producing O2 or oxygen gas. This reaction happens super fast creating a ton of oxygen that gets caught in the soap in the solution, thus resulting in foam.

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