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Dietitian Abbey Sharp / The Wolfe in Sheep's Clothing. Freelee's Review


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Freelee The Banana Girl responds to Dietitian Abbey Sharp. Abbey Sharp is a Canadian Dietitian who reviews What I eat in a day videos on YouTube, especially of vegans and the Raw Till 4 Diet. Abbey Sharp has strategically positioning herself as an authority in the vegan movement to sell her Mindful Glow CookBook. This “health professional” is constantly sponsored by the meat and dairy industry, in particular by Maple Lodge farms one of canada’s biggest chickens producers, Ontario pork and Dairy farmers Canada. You can imagine how much they are paying Abbey. Abbey is about 10 years younger than Freelee. Abbey Sharp has around 138,000 subscribers on youtube. Regardless of being a dietitian it is crucial that we critique Abbey’s online recommendations. Abbey is reaching hundreds of thousands of girls with her message. Today’s video will be highlighting Abbey's hypocrisy and clear abuse of her position for money. Abbey’s recommendations to hundreds of thousands of women is literally dangerous and the way she feeds her child is just deplorable. If you want an actual SAFE HEALTHY weight loss plan and ethical lifestyle than check out my ebook bundles -
Women's weight loss expert channel here:
When Freelee found out what Abbey was up to she was angry, and she still is. Because she cares. How dare Abbey Sharp use veganism, animals and Freelee's name to spread sickness throughout the world while at the same time being a meat eater sucking up and paying lip service to veganism. Freelee and others have dedicated their lives to the protection of animals and caring for young women’s health and Abbey comes along promoting and profiting off the very thing vegans (actual vegans) are fighting so hard against.
So a few months ago Dietitian Abbey Sharp did an entire sponsored video called “Veggie Packed Keto Deli Roll Ups 3 Ways | Easy Low Carb High Protein Snack Ideas” where she cheerfully recommends a class one carcinogen to her young audience, salty nitrate-filled cancer roll ups that cause colorectal cancer according to the World Health Organisation:
Abbey is a registered Dietitian recommending this! Here is that Abbey's video:
Sugar doesn't increase Cancer Risk according to Dietitians Canada:
Health concerns with Dairy:
In this video “Diet changes for colon cancer prevention” Abbey Sharp literally promotes eating dairy products on national TV as a way to help reduce colon cancer and cites a study from… guess who?? From the dairy farmers of Canada! Literally a Dietitian recommending dairy for colon cancer prevention when it’s the high fibre plant foods like oats and fruit that are accompanied WITH the dairy which are key. Why would she recommend dairy for colon health?? Because she is being controlled by the dairy industry. That’s why.
Abbey is so deceptive about her true intentions that for a long time many of her viewers even thought she was vegan until she was forced to make this convenient orthorexia story "Why I’m Not Going Vegan | My Orthorexia Story" video filled with excuses why she can’t be vegan. Saying NO to consuming animals and their secretions isn’t being restrictive, it’s just being a rational compassionate human being. Animals are not a food group Abbey.
It doesn’t end there. A few years Abbey made this utterly disturbing video “My farm to table adventure” It makes me question her sanity.
As Freelee states: if you think this woman is a friend of veganism then my friend, you have been played so hard. Abbey is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Has she changed since these previous videos? No. She has just become even more strategic; just a more cunning wolfe. Fast forward to this video where she is advertising her book and makes buffalo, chicken egg rolls, heart disease wraps.
Abbey Sharp clearly isn't a friend of veganism and her mask slipped in her WTH review . "A DIETITIAN'S Thoughts on WHAT THE HEALTH Food Documentary"

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