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Natural Spring Birdbath - The Narrated Documentary

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This is the narrated documentary version of the Natural Spring "Bird Bath Movie" https://youtu.be/MM4duaFzE88 with a little different editing, narrated information about the birds and wildlife and a story arc. This film covers two months of birds bathing at a mountain spring in the Great Smoky Mountains from late Summer into Autumn as the leaves fall and temperature drop.
It is meant to be an immersive and educational meditative ambient or atmospheric experience to enjoy Nature and relax to the sights and sounds of birds and a bubbling spring and learn a bit about the different birds that visit the wild spring.
Filmed with Campark WiFi Bluetooth Trail Camera on Amazon at: https://amzn.to/37YVprI​
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00:00​ Introduction
01:22 Young Coopers Hawk
5:07​ Chipmunk
5:21​ Swainson's Thrush
8:30​ Blue Jay
8:55​ Squirrel
8:59​ Mourning Doves
9:32​ Song Sparrow and Mourning Doves
12:04​ Brown Thrasher
12:21​ Mourning Doves
14:14​ Eastern Chipmunk
15:00​ Swainson's Thrush and Song Sparrow
16:49​ American Robins
18:41 Wood Thrush
18:46​ Swainson's Thrush
19:08​ Song Sparrow
20:00 American Crows
22:51​ Blue Jays
23:44​ Tussock Moth Caterpillar and Robin
26:28​ Mourning Doves
27:15​ Eastern Towhee
27:34​ Robin and Goldfinch
28:44​ Eastern Chipmunk and Hickory Nuts
31:00​ Song Sparrow
31:29​ Mourning Doves
33:06​ American Robins and Crow Calling
35:17​ Tufted Titmouse
36:20​ Swainson's Thrush
37:14 Late September
38:13​ Raccoons
38:36​ Robin in Pre-Dawn Hours
41:03​ American Goldfinch
41:23​ Chipmunk and Rose Breasted Grosbeak
42:53​ Swainson's Thrush and Carolina Wren
43:52​ Carolina Chickadee
44:13 American Goldfinch
45:04​ American Robin and Swainson's Thrush
47:42​ Song Sparrow
48:17​ Swainson's Thrush
48:53​ Male American Goldfinch
50:20​ Rose Breasted Grosbeak and Eastern Towhee
51:17​ Song Sparrow
52:28​ Male Northern Cardinal
53:22​ American Robin and Katydid Sounds
54:45​ Swainson's Thrush
56:50​ Mourning Doves
59:45​ Mourning Doves after dark
1:01:14 Autumn Interlude
1:01:41​ American Robin
1:04:47​ Swainson's Thrush and Chipmunk Chipping sounds
1:07:03​ American Robin
1:08:52​ Tufted Titmouse
1:09:30​ Wood Thrush
1:11:04​ Swainson's Thrush
1:12:14 Dark Eyed Junco
1:12:47​ Mourning Doves
1:13:35​ Swainson's Thrush
1:15:25 ​Cedar Waxwing
1:16:01​ American Robin
1:18:00​ Female Northern Cardinal
1:19:09​ Raccoon
1:20:24​ Pine Siskin
1:21:08​ Winter Wren
1:21:40 Late Autumn Leaves and Halo
1:22:21​ Summary and closing melody
1:24:33 Conclusion
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