The women of Marikana fighting for justice | DW Documentary (Investigative documentary)

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After the Marikana massacre in South Africa, two women led their community in a historic fight for justice. A documentary of personal and political stories. [Online until: 07.12.2018]
"You strike a woman, you strike a rock.” Words from a famous resistance song that has come to symbolize the courage and strength of the 1956 Women's March, when South African women refused to give in to increasing oppression. Our documentary follows two South African activists, Primrose Sonti and Thumeka Magwangqana, grandmothers and close friends who live in Marikana, an unofficial settlement that has grown up around a mine operated by Lonmin Plc in rural South Africa.
Lonmin was the company involved in the so-called Marikana Massacre in 2012, when 37 striking miners were killed by police. Lonmin underpaid workers and has consistently reneged on legal obligations to provide housing and infrastructure for local people affected by the mine. Since the 2012 massacre, conditions have only gotten worse -- and this is what Primrose and Thumeka are fighting against. Primrose’s ambition lands her a seat in Parliament with a new, radical opposition party. But to take up the post, she has to leave Marikana. Thumeka takes over the reins of resistance and challenges Lonmin Plc in a landmark court case. Meanwhile, Primrose’s role as an MP creates an uncomfortable distance between her and her friend and she struggles to maintain a connection with the community she cares for so deeply. Can these two women take on the powerful enemies ranged against the people of Marikana?
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